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Spent the weekend at my mom's. Discovered more anime. Have far better things to be doing than downloading. Don't wanna. =P

(So, is Eureka 7 worth it? I put off watching it because I'm very meh on mecha, but I think the characters are pretty cool. And one reminds of Jet. *swoon* And Trinity Blood, of course, is ♥. I even like the dub. *blasphemy* And I'm in love with FLCL all over again. And...okay. I'll stop now. ^^)

Have a good week!
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Things that made me grin today:

-I read a student's essay that included not once, but twice, the phrase: like two peas in a pie.

-One of Raja's car friends is sexing up a girl whose boyfriend is out of town. Said unsuspecting boyfriend has a Nissan NSX and the girl told the guy she's sleeping with that he could drive the boyfriend's car. The guy said that he "just can't do it. I mean, I'm banging his girl, but his car? That's wrong." Raja has classy friends. >.>

-One of my TA students is from Japan and is working on an essay about the origins of her name. She discovered in talking with her family that her ancestors were pirates. Yar.

I go to bed now. ^^
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FMA - bruised


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Also, is anyone having issues with Gmail? I'm just not receiving my messages anymore. =/ Use my Yahoo if you need to get ahold of me.
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Happiness is writing a fic when a narrative form that you've never used before presents itself quite naturally and comfortably. *dance dance*


I go to bed now because OMFG!CRAMPS! =(

[EDIT: Clearly, I need a pirate icon to fit in with The Cool Kids. *switches to Dread Pirate Roy*]
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Just a quick note to say that ARGH! FMA plotbunnies are nibbling on my fingers (which is sort of nice. Hmm... =P )!

I'm working on:

1) Ed/Noa + Rose/Winry movie!verse
2) Havoc/Sheska manga!verse, post Havoc's unfortunate accident. =/
3) Random Ishbal thing, probably gen. Possibly Lior instead, depending on where it wants to go. It just has to be one of the desert civilizations, and fits nicely into the Lior backstory, but I like the tragic feeling that Ishbal offers. Hmm...

So, somehow after eight months of no serious FMA love, I'm working on three new stories, two of which are het, one of which is gen. My brain, I think she is broken. ^^

And, of course, I have assloads of homework and housework and various other things that I should be doing instead. =P

*back to the grindstone*
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I have three papers due, a test, and planning for two other papers due next week. Plus about a week of BBC monitoring to make up on. This weekend? Not looking too fun. =P

Also, at this rate, I'm not sure I'll be visiting my kitten in October. ;_; And I keep getting students added to my schedule for TA sessions without my consent. Which is fine. But it keeps cutting back on my study hours.

And I have an ESL student I worked with all of last year trying to hire me as the private tutor for her son. I'd love to help, and I wouldn't complain about the money, but I just don't have any time. And she's expecting him to progress so much more quickly with his language acquisition than is logical. He's doing fine, just let him be! *pulls out hair*

Plus, whenever I have extra time, my boss is having me come into the writing center to help the new readers figure things out. There's so many of them this year! Thirteen out of twenty readers are new. O_O So, needless to say, there are a lot of questions. So, even if I'm not on the clock or reading papers, I'm hanging around to make sure things are getting handled properly.

So, I'm a bit frazzled as of late. =P But you guys have been very generous with the porn as of late and even if I'm not commenting, I'm reading and enjoying! Especially Ali - your stories have rocked lately! I swear I'll get around to commenting eventually. ♥

I'll be out until probably Sunday night or Monday morning. Have a great weekend!
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AAARRGH! Some beautiful soul uploaded the Loveless vocal album this morning. Why does all the good stuff come up in the morning before I'm stuck at school, pining for twelve hours? *WANT*
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